Consultancy & Coaching

Real Achievements – Real Life - Real Estate

Your journey to success starts here

I will work with you to analyse all aspects of your business and explain how by working together we will enable you achieve - or exceed your dream net profit on personal income.

Agency Consultant:

Regardless of the size of your business, we will work with you to understand your needs, create a solid base and understand your numbers.
By streamlining processes, having clarity around business potential, touchable and untouchables, you will begin to grow your business. It is also important to understand the impact that your management style has on your processes and your team's mind-set. Having these factors under control will be a game changer in your business.
If you are:-

  • A start-up agency
  • An average size agency that needs better organisation, more effective processes, better qualified staff, a higher profile or a guide to enable sustainable growth
  • A large business seeking to grow and drive your business forward

I would love to help you

How I help you to achieve—or exceed—your goals:

As a consultant to your real estate agency I will work as your personal mentor and as a coach to your team. We will bring your real estate goals and aspirations for personal growth to the forefront. I will work with you to analyse all aspects of your business and explain how we can build the business you yearn for. Together, we will plan the path to your ultimate success.

First Step:

Agency Consultancy: Consistency achieves results

When we have fully explored your agency business, we will move on to examine your personal motivations and goals.

1. Needs
2. Strengths
3. Numbers
4. Area Potential
5. Team Potential
6. Prospect process

We will develop your target goals and create a budget and solid base business that can keep growing.
Time frame: 4 to 9 weeks

Second Step:

Your Agents Coaching Program:

A real estate coach will open up a world of possibilities by giving you the knowledge, skills and motivation that will make a tangible difference in your sales results.

The Coaching Process:

Time frame: 18 months
(6 months to implement consultancy gaps, 12 months to achieve planned results)

Fortnightly coaching and sales meeting (KPI’s for the agents focus on company goals and needs - I will keep your business & team accountable)

What drives you and your business?

My coaching process starts with a thorough understanding of how you and your team work as an agent. The next phase is to take you step by step to drill down into your goals and targets.

During this process we will identify and clarify your personal and professional goals. We will analyse all aspects of the business including your personal impact, sales results and business cycle.

Through regular follow-up sessions, we will keep you focused and prevent you from developing self-destructive habits that could derail your success.

Time frame: 2 to 5 weeks

The art of negotiation:

Once you have the processes in place, we will be able to focus on growing your strike rate to get more business out of your daily results.

Having a coach who understands your business will help you to close your deals before you lose them.