Not Enough Sales?
Agents Not Performing?
No Life Outside of Work?

Real Estate Agencies... you have your work cut out for you!

In an ever-changing climate, it can be hard to know where to start.
And I'm here to change that... all you have to do is let me.
I think I know what you are thinking...

What Can You Do For My Agency?
How Will I Know That I Will Get Results

Surely you're just another Real Estate Consultant out for the dollar.
No...I am not!
I am a NO BS Coach and Mentor that has been working with professionals around the world... I have a wealth of experience and not just in Real Estate.
That is my secret weapon... I look at the Real Estate industry and it's stagnant.

It Needs a Kick Up The Arse! 
That's What I'm Here To Smash!

My program is a game changer and it will not only

it will give you your life back!

Take your Business and your life to the next level.  

100% Tailored To Your Real Estate Agency

It's a process that has had extraordinary results over the past 10 years. The bespoke consulting programme is built around you and your needs. We will work closely to clarify your goals, then create a comprehensive plan to make it happen. This consulting programme is about transforming not just your real estate career but your life.

Understand Your Numbers

Did you know less than 6% of real estate agents and agencies know how to effectively analyse and use the industry numbers to increase their personal sales and profitability?

My tailor-made consulting program is designed to help you do just that. I ensure you understand, analyse and use your numbers to increase your growth in the marketplace and turn your great intentions into actions and results.

Support For Your Whole Agency

Together, we will empower your leadership, developing a team that supports you and your vision. We will help you to grow your business by improving the average sales per agent and by recruiting the best sales agents in your area.

What You Get

Through the process, you will expand your strategy and skillset, ensuring that you know your numbers and understand your market share. Armed with this information we will create your magic numbers, goals and targets and learn how to achieve them.

Build Your Profit
Increase Retention Rate
Attract The Best Agents
Take Over Competitor Rent-rolls
A detailed strategy and plan
Access to my knowledge for 8 weeks
Strata Business Support

Or help to prepare your agency for sale, take over or share transfer.

Don't Wait...

You landed on this page because you need better results... you don't know how to do it and or what is available to get there.   That's where I come in...

I bring my wealth of knowledge and experience... I will work closely with you and gain an understanding of how you work, what's important to you and what systems you currently have in place. Over 8 weeks I will not only guide and mentor you and give you a completely different perspective and mindset. But at the end of the 8 weeks, you will have a strategic plan for your agency. You just have to bear with my thick Brazilian accent. But hey, we will have fun too.

So How Do We Start?

Well, look money grabbing coach would say, just book my program here's a link...
But I'm not going to do that... well, I just did... but you would be crazy to book just from this blurb. Finding yourself a coach is a dating process... We need to see if we are the right fit for each other... So first things first give me a call and let's have a chat...

07 3555 1875

Not ready for that just yet? 

Don't take my word for it... 

Pick up the phone...      

07 3555 1875

Let's Make It Happen!