About Cesar

Hey... My Name is Cesar Hasselmann

Being an entrepreneur is part of my DNA. At 14, I started a DJ business in Rio de Janeiro with my best friend. By 16 we had 4 cars, 3 DJ’s and were travelling overseas to expand. I get the same joy from business today that I did back then.

In my twenties, I built an import distribution company supplying the major supermarkets and service stations in Brazil.

In my 30’s I had built the second biggest internet company in Brazil with 120 employees and a turnover of US$25m a year.

Real estate is one of my passions, the other is helping people. I am motivated by helping people make money and achieve their goals.
My work gives me a huge sense of satisfaction, it makes me a better human being and you can't put a price on that.

I Don't Take No For An Answer

It was 2008, the GFC had started to hit Brazil hard... I started to look for a country that was weathering the financial storm well (and had the same climate as Rio!) Brisbane had it all; it was the fastest growing city in Australia with similar weather to Rio and surf culture.

My wife, baby son and I came for a year; to take time off, recharge and think about what we wanted from life.

After three months I really wanted to get back to work. I approached a real estate agent with a small suburban office. He told me that with my accent and level of English, it would never work. I spent the weekend researching every aspect of the local market. On Monday, I gave him a presentation.
“No,” he told me. “You can’t become a sales agent for me. You have just learned in two days, what it has taken me 12 years to discover. Can you come on board as a consultant? he said.

In 18 months we took over 4 offices, went from 9 agents to more than 20 and we grew by over 300%. 

Your Success Is My Success

Over the last five years, I have mentored and coached all levels of agencies and agents in the real estate industry.

I am committed to raising the standards of the real estate industry by giving businesses and individuals the tools to change their mindset and deliver outstanding service. I achieve this by fully understanding you and your agency environment to create a process that works for you so you can excel not just professionally but personally.

Clients Have...

Doubled their earnings...  even some with more than 10 years’ experience.

Earned $150,000 personal income in their first 18 months as new agents.

Massively Increase their average sales in less than 18 months.

Doubled growing businesses in 18 months by simply organising their processes.

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