10 Ways To Get The Best From Your Personal Assistant

10 Ways to get the best from your Personal Assistant

In the hectic and high-powered world of real estate, you may feel that there are not enough hours in the day to get the job done. That's where the personal assistant can be of use. Here are some tips on the best way to work together.

1. Communication: Create task lists detailing what you need done, along with the time frame in which you expect them to be done. Create two lists; one for tasks you expect the assistant to accomplish daily and the other for tasks the assistant should accomplish over the long term to help you meet your annual goals.

2. Provide information: Share your knowledge. Having all the appropriate information will help your assistant to handle consumer questions, especially the frequently asked ones.

3. Provide training: When you buy tools to help assistants improve office efficiency make sure that they get the training needed to use the tools.

4. Let them do their job:  Once you’ve told your assistant what you need, get out of the way. You have to assign a project with a very clear expectation of your goals, but then you have to let go.

5. Set priorities: Set long-range goals, and then sit down with your assistant every quarter to re-evaluate.

6. Invest: Show your appreciation and loyalty by investing in your assistant’s education and training.

7. Get your assistant involved from the start: Ask your assistant for help on projects right from the beginning. Many agents try to handle everything themselves, then ask for help at the last minute.

8. Delegate: Delegation helps you organize, use your assistant to take the pressure off.

9. Meet regularly: Sit down weekly with your assistant to discuss short and long term goals and projects. Allow your assistant to provide feedback on which tasks should be done more or less frequently.

10. Provide feedback: Regularly review your assistant’s performance to provide input on which areas need improvement and to allow your assistant to tell you where you can improve.

11. Limitations: Understand your PA’s limitations and get them to help in the areas where they excel.

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