How To Obtain the Perfect Work Life Balance in Real Estate

Scheduling time for family can be particularly challenging for those in real estate because their activities are dictated by the schedules and demands of others. Here are some tips to help you to have a better balance between your work life and your personal life.

1. Have a hobby: Whether it’s cycling, yoga or photography, the key to maintaining a healthy balance is to make sure you have interests outside of your job. Having hobbies will help you to relax and prepare for another busy day at the office. This is especially important for real estate agents since working long hours can often lead to burn out.

2. Put it all in the calendar: Often agents get so caught up in scheduling appointment after appointment with clients that they forget to remember to schedule some time out for themselves. Make sure that there is ample time for both work and life needs to be met.

3. Eat well and exercise regularly: When it comes to exercise, just 30 minutes of walking a day has been proven to significantly reduce stress and maintain focus. Exercising will help you to stay sharp in the office. With foods, try to snack on fruit and nuts instead of sugary, fatty foods.

4. Time management and delegation: A healthy work life balance is about managing time efficiently and effectively. Creating better structures and systems will release you from the need to always be working. Learn to delegate – can someone else deal with it?

5. Time off: If you’re heading up your own office with a team behind you, it is important that they know the value of taking time off. It is critical to take sufficient holidays and make sure people are well rested. Real estate is a challenging business in terms of the hours and commitment that’s required.

6. Switch off: If you have scheduled time out of the office, ignore your emails or even better, set up an Out of Office automatic response, with an alternative person to contact in your absence, and then simply turn off your email notifications. Be present and enjoy the break.

7. Consultancy: Get a fast track consultant to show you your big business picture. This will help you to check your practice gaps and understand why they exist. By closing the gap you will reap better benefits from your hard work.

8. Find a coach: The right real estate coach can help you to identify your business and life goals and create a pathway to achieving them. By having the right processes in place you can free up time to grow the business and ensure that you have plenty of work life balance.

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