4 Steps To Map Out Your Real Estate Career

I‘m always on the lookout for articles with the potential to positively change a business. What’s your take on the following points I came across recently?

Real estate doesn’t follow a traditional career path. It’s not an industry where you necessarily enter at the ground level and proceed up the ranks, being granted pay raises with each promotion. There is potential to be a top earner after only a couple of years in the business – if you are strategic in your approach.

1. Define an end goal

Do you want to be the best real estate agent in the business, or do you want to run your own business?

If your goal is to grow your income as a selling agent, increase your abilities by setting goals for yourself. It is also advisable to attend regular training to boost your negotiation and client-acquisition skills.

2. Decide what to focus on

There aren’t many barriers to starting a career in real estate. You can take an online course or sign up for a short series of classes in order to get your licence. From there, real estate has two distinct paths: sales and property management.

Choose early on where you would like to focus. “It isn’t easy to switch from one side to the other because they require different abilities. If you’d like to work in sales, start off as a sales assistant and get to know the ropes. Otherwise, you could take on an entry-level role as a leasing agent. This is relevant as you will be showing property, developing your people skills and learning to negotiate.”

Even if you have worked in the industry for a long time as a property manager, you will have to start from the bottom should you decide to switch to sales. For that reason, it’s best to choose your end goal early. “Experience doesn’t always imply seniority in real estate. You could have 30 years’ experience, but if there is a young gun who is selling more than you then they will be seen as the senior salesperson.”

3. Choose your location wisely

You can be a successful agent in any suburb. Just make sure it’s a place you love being part of as you are going to be spending a lot of time there!

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