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"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them." Albert Einstein

"Have A Positive Impact On Your Life And Your Business By Harnessing The Power Of My Real Estate Consulting." by Cesar Hasselmann

My vision:

  • Empower the real estate profession by engaging and educating agency principals and agents. We work together to embrace change and innovation - transforming lives, personally and professionally.
  • Challenging the ideology of your agency, agents and staff, I can add measurable value across the company, improving the way you drive your business and live your life. We supply the guidance, wisdom, advice and knowledge, rapidly improving results and turning successful agency teams into real estate superstars.
  • How:

  • In today’s rapidly changing world it is critical to ensure that you are armed with all the tools you need.
  • Empower you: to maximise your potential as a real estate business owner, accelerating growth and accomplishing your personal goals.
  • Challenge you to free your imagination and embrace change to reinvent your company, your team and yourself- with passion, creativity and honesty.


"I was a new agent in a new industry. Cesar helped me to achieve $100,000 in my first 18 months, with $4.5 million in sold properties in my first 4 months in the industry.”

James Pascoe, Harcourts

"Cesar was fantastic at providing the systems to help me turn my average gross income of $250,000 into much more, with over 60 appraisals in two and a half months. Over the course of 18 months, I went from being bottom of the leader board in my team to being the top sales agent – miles ahead of number 2.”

Henry Wong, Remax

“With my average gross income of $300,000, Cesar enabled me to put the right processes in place, which allowed me to be consistent, create stability and increase my business even more. Having doubled my business in 12 months, I know that I am ready for my next step.”

Steven GowRay, White

Cesar assisted me in planning and achieving a gross income of $500,000 +. I achieved well above my average sales in less than 18 months.”

Christine McKay, N1 Titanium agent, Harcourts Solutions (Harcourt N2 office)